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Life Is like Coffee

How your life can benefit from coffee

Imagine yourself as a musical conductor. Picture yourself signaling at the symphony of coffee notes as you pour the ground coffee into the French press—awaiting the steaming water. Soon the kettle starts to whistle. Down the water goes, orchestrating fine earthy notes that dance around your living room at the beat of the baton. And only then does the coffee meet with the hazelnut cream—tempos of cocoa finish as you drink the warmth of this art. Life is like coffee!

How often do you feel like you wake up every morning feeling like everything is too much of a routine? One more day you say. We have become so used to it that we are flat-out in auto pilot mode. It looks something like this: you know what you’re going to be doing, and how you’re going to do it. You know your commute all too well and everything seems to be a bit boring. Far from feeling motivated during the morning, it can feel annoying. But this can be changed. The best way to give yourself a little push and perhaps even make yourself smile is by reminding yourself of your why. Why will you be doing all of this today? Why is it relevant? Maybe more importantly, who benefits from your work?

Why is what you do meaningful for you and for the world? Let’s go back to the conductor analogy. You can choose to see your life between either plain coffee that tastes okay or as a symphony of coffee notes that you learn to love. You are the maestro, and reminding yourself of the why of what you do can shift your morning into a coffee concerto. Seriously. Waking up to a powerful why makes a world of difference and certainly a difference to the world. But it’s not easy. You need to figure out your why and fit it into your day. Consider the following:

  • Clarify your why (think coffee)
  • Align what you do with what you value (a world of difference)
  • Make sure your value helps people (a difference to the world)

It really helps to write down in a few words (or reflect) why what you do matters to the world. Companies do it all the time with their slogans. Why won’t you? Do it. Then take a good look at it.

Purpose is about helping people, and a meaningful life happens when you grow as a result of it. You might have grown bored out of the day to day activities and the fire-fighting at your workplace; but taking a step back to contemplate the underlying reasons of why you do what you do can be a source of inspiration. You have the power to break the routine by sweetening your life. Finding the why (your slogan) is like adding hazelnut cream to your coffee. Living your life a little bit more like coffee is choosing to orchestrate an art out of it. Life is like coffee. Have a cup. You deserve it.

Juan F. Diaz

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Jimmy Lennon

yummy!!! Hazelnut cream. 😀
You’re right Juan, life is more enjoyable when we we take that step back.

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