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10 Empowering Life Principles

Deep down we all have a set of beliefs that we rely on to navigate our lives. These principles dictate how we process events, what it means, and how to feel about them. Your life principles determine our decisions, our attitudes, roles, strategies, and methods we live by. Here’s the thing: is your belief system helping to bring out the best in you?

One thing is true: your inner rules should help you clarify how to be and what to do. Like a map, they can provide you with a sense of certainty and direction. Here are 10 empowering life principles:

  1. Choose to express yourself.
  2. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and think your thoughts.
  3. Confront issues openly and with consideration.
  4. Be a better listener.
  5. Seek an imperfect life.
  6. Accept and respect who you are.
  7. Embrace the joy in your life.
  8. Assist and be assisted.
  9. Grow with intent.
  10. Appreciate your life.

Expressing yourself openly and respectfully helps avoid suppressing emotions that need to be surfaced and problems that need to be addressed. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings, but don’t necessarily act on them or believe their content. If you seek an imperfect life, you will welcome mistakes, accept learning, and grow. Also, realize that there’s always room for fun and happiness in what you do. Know that it’s okay to ask for help, to be helped, and to surround yourself with a supportive environment. Growing with intent means reminding yourself about what you do and why you do it. Live by these empowering life principles, and you’ll appreciate more of your life and every stage of it!

Juan F. Diaz

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This website is absolutely brilliant! Many of us, not to say ALL of us, have been directly impacted with the situations that are beautifully presented here as insights and yet, we do not even have a vague knowledge on how to fine motor grasp it, digest it and absorb it into our brain and fantastically synthesize it into useful knowledge. Strive no more in vain because, here and ONLY here at “Insightful Bean” it has been gently laid down on a silver platter for you to initiate a never-ending positive direct feedback mechanism. Reiterating: an absolutely brilliant website! My most sincere respect and admiration for the author.


Juan! Nice article and I appreciated your sharing the principles which help guide you through this journey. I found #5 Seek an imperfect life particularly “insightful” and wise. We all are constantly changing beings and having a fixed endpoint/destination for ones life in mind can often lead one to a sense of unfulfillment not only because one may never reach ones concept of a perfect life but also because ones concept of perfection today may not be the same as it will be in the future. And like a dog who chases his tail this will inevitably prove futile. Simply put its about the journey and not the destination. Anyhow, I’d like to share this video I came across today. It really should be in one of your other articles about goal setting but I found particularly fun and inspiring:

Juan F. Diaz

Hi Ted! I agree. In an attempt to want to have all the solutions mapped out and seek perfection (the A+), I’ve missed some opportunities to just try (imperfect), learn (messy), and do (effortful). While having an exciting and connected goal helps direct our energy–perfection prevents starting. And like you said, it’s about the journey, and not the destination. Thanks for the comment and sharing the inspiring video!

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