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Quick and Easy Guide to Keep Moving Forward

Often times we feel like we’re stuck. We want to move forward but, you know, it’s just hard. Sometimes I wonder: could moving forward be easier than it seems? Perhaps we overthink matters, or maybe we just complicate the way we approach different situations. Certainly, we might benefit from carefully strategizing a plan of action to solve certain problems. But this insight is not about that. This insight is a quick and easy guide to keep moving forward when every day obstacles keep us stuck and unable to make progress.

a) Flex

Moving forward starts with being flexible. It seems to me that traditionally we believe that to keep moving forward, we have to press with force. Like a game of football in the NFL, we think we need to clash with the problem. However, here’s a thought: when is any challenge resolved with a single action? If it were so, then maybe a rigid approach would work. But life’s challenges are ever-changing. The biggest and tallest buildings in the world are built with beams (steel frame vs brick/rock) that flex! To keep moving forward, action after action, we need the flexibility to bounce back every time something doesn’t go our way.

b) See

Another misconception is thinking we need to visualize every detail. Forcing ourselves to see (imagine) all the possible solutions ahead of time, or preventing possible mistakes is an energy drainer. Yes, it is important to visualize a positive outcome, but nobody is a fortune teller. One thing is Michael Phelps visualizing himself swimming into the finish line, and another is visualizing how to swim. You can’t learn to swim through visualization. To keep moving forward, you have to take the first step. After a few steps you’ll see clearer and farther. With that renewed field of view, you see how to proceed next. One step at a time can get you anywhere. Envision your finish line, but focus on what’s in front of you.

c) Enjoy

To keep moving forward, of course you have to enjoy yourself. This is the secret ingredient that’s so often overlooked! It’s so easy to get lost in the problems, the pains, or the losses. Remember that moving forward is about progress, better relationships, better health–a better world. What if something is bothering you? You flex. What if you don’t know what will happen? You go step by step. And most importantly, how do you take action to enjoy moving forward? You celebrate. To keep moving forward without celebrating is like eating food without any spice. We just don’t celebrate enough because we don’t take the time to acknowledge small (or big) victories. Check out 50 of the best news in 2019! Yes, there’s much to celebrate in your life, and in the world!

This is the quick and easy guide to keep moving forward! Flex + See + Enjoy = Movement.  And that’s exactly what we want. We want to be able to keep moving forward (and repeat the process) in all circumstances of life. Where are you feeling stuck? Where might you need to flex? How could you see better? How can you celebrate more?

Juan F. Diaz

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