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We live in an era loaded with information but little transformation. The amount of information is overwhelming and the constant recommendations of what we should or shouldn’t do lack both empathy and rigorous thinking. Higher education rarely knows what it is for. We are taught skills to put in a resume, to find a job, to follow instructions, and to retire one day.

I believe that this modernity trap, the school-work-retire triage is a hoax. If you are lucky enough, privileged enough, and work hard enough, it’s possible to perhaps retire semi-decently when we’re older. But there are no guarantees. The only thing we do know is you’ll effectively trade your best years for the promise of earning/owning your time after 65+ years old. I believe it’s a hoax because our time is our most valuable asset and shouldn’t be traded for a living. Instead, we could focus all our energy in reaching financial independence/freedom. But that’s not what school is for. That is not how our society is structured. I believe we should think differently about the big (bigger) picture of life.

The Insightful Bean blog is about exploring Life, Work, and Education differently. How can we learn our own skills? How can I contribute and add more value? What (and why) do I care about? How can I have a more meaningful and “independent” life? How can I recognize when I’m being trapped by society’s pressure to conform? And by that I mean, to conform to a standard of living that keeps me either in debt or from saving/investing my money?

I graduated with honors in High School. I earned and held an academic scholarship until I graduated from engineering school. I’ve spent several years of my life in a cubicle in different corporations. I felt terrible. I got depressed. So I made it a point to figure out how I could feel joyful again (joyful overall), how I could feel confident again and determined to follow my goals and interests, to feel meaning in my life, and to grow. Over the years and much exploration I feel I have achieved this.  You might already imagine how difficult it was.

I originally started with a mission of reading 100 self-help books but I’ve long passed that point. I keep reading and I keep writing because I keep finding and thinking about insightful things that seem useful and helpful for me. And I want to continue to share all this with you. My hope is that you find something helpful as well.

And yes. Sometimes I have moments when I don’t know what I’m doing, sometimes I’m told this is crazy and that it’s not productive. It’s challenging. But here they are, a collection of insights about this exploration.

I thank you for taking the time to read them.

And why Insightful Bean? Because I really like beans. Not just pinto or mayocoba or black or navy beans–but cacao beans, vanilla beans, coffee beans, and of course, the insightful bean!


Special thanks to my beautiful wife, M.Ed. Melanie Diaz, for editing my content and making sure it’s reader friendly!




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I write the best that I can, in this blog, to provide you with what I hope you find as useful information. But ultimately, you are responsible for your own decisions and actions. When I write, I’m really looking for solutions for myself, but that’s stating the obvious. I write about things that I’m curious about. Also, I try to quote, as accurately as I can, my favorite authors and their books which have had a positive impact in my life.

And yes I do recommend buying the books I link through Amazon because I believe they are a great investment. But you could also get them through your local library or other means. I personally like owning the books so that I’m able to write notes, underline, etc. I really love books! If you do buy a book through the Amazon link, I’ll get a commission. Also, you won’t pay more money if you buy through the link.

The nature of this blog is dynamic. As I learn, I go back and improve the content of some posts. That’s what I think growth is about. So posts may change. I will certainly change my mind, hopefully as a result of growth, and this blog as well. The content expressed is meant to be absolutely NOT offensive to anyone. I hope that you find something of value, but if you don’t, you can navigate away.

I’ve spent resources, and a lot of time, and effort writing in this blog. It has been a real challenge. I sincerely hope that the content helps make this world a better place, and at the very least, prompt you with a good idea, and hopefully make you smile.